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Eversource – Seacoast
SEC Docket No. 2015-04

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04/24/15 Letter from Nancy Bulkley
04/24/15 Letter from Malcolm Sandberg
07/23/15 Town of Madbury comments on impacts to Madbury
09/08/15 City of Somersworth comments on impacts to Seacoast
09/23/15 Comment Letter from Helen Frink, John Frink and Sara Ryder Frink
10/15/15 Comment Letter from City of Dover
11/09/15 Comment Letter from UNH
01/20/16 Comment from Town of Durham
01/21/16 Public comment from Dover Chamber of Commerce
04/28/16 Comment Letter Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce
05/12/16 Comment Helen Frink, John Frink and Sally Frink Ryder
05/23/16 Comment of Lulu Pickering
05/25/16 Comment of Sandra Gagnon in response to Frink
07/14/16 Public Comment from Julie Pardus-Oakes
07/21/16 Public Comment of Matthew Fitch
07/31/16 Public Comment of Paul Riccardi
09/01/16 Public Comment of Richard Hamelin
09/12/16 Public Comment of Neal Hogan
10/26/16 Public Comment of Peter Sawtell
11/01/16 Public Comment Alexander Shaffer
11/21/16 Public Comment of Linnea Dwyer
11/21/16 Public Comment of Suzanne Danforth
11/23/16 Public Comment of Cindy Jones
12/01/16 Public Comment of Mariquita Morrison
01/06/14 Public Comment of Mary Ann Esposito
01/09/17 Public Comment of Ben Isaak
01/13/17 Public Comment of Laura Brown
02/07/17 Public Comment of Lulu Pickering
04/17/17 Public Comment of Marguerite Corvini
04/18/17 Public Comment of Laura Brown
04/25/17 Public Comment of Katherine Stroup
04/25/17 Public Comment of Nancy Bulkley
05/30/17 Public Comment of Nancy Bulkley
06/13/17 Public Comment of Strafford Regional Planning Commission
06/22/18 Public Comment of Lulu Pickering - Pickering Farm Newington
07/05/18 Public Comment of Town of Madbury - Eric Fiegenbaum
07/12/17 Petition Regarding Little Bay Jet Plowing
08/05/17 Public Comment of Susan Richman
08/05/17 Public Comment of Jessica Morgan
08/06/17 Public Comment of Dana Nowell
08/13/17 Public Comment of Marguerite Corvini
09/10/17 Public Comment Susan and David Richman
12/12/17 Public Comment of Viv Miller
07/08/18 Public Comment of Maryann Chase
07/07/18 Public Comment of Jen Sanders
07/07/18 Public Comment of Jennifer Carlson
07/07/18 Public Comment of Francoise Meissner
07/08/18 Public Comment of Lucie Lepine
07/08/18 Public Comment of Diane Chase
07/08/18 Public Comment of Diantha Barstow
07/08/18 Public Comment of Cheryl Hoffman
07/08/18 Public Comment of Brenda Ryan
07/09/18 Public Comment of Greg and Regis Miller
07/09/18 Public Comment of Kathryn Irla-Chesney
07/09/18 Public Comment of Jochen Meissner
07/10/18 Public Comment of William Lovejoy
07/11/18 Public Comment of Robin Cooley
07/12/18 Public Comment of Kyle Pauly
07/22/18 Public Comment of Megan Cooley-Klein
07/22/18 Public Comment of Robin Mower
07/28/18 Public Comment of Mary Ann Krebs
08/27/18 Public Comment from City of Portsmouth
09/22/18 Public Comment William and Cynthia Cooley
09/22/18 Public Comment Michael Mathes
09/23/18 Public Comment Suzanne Vietas
09/23/18 Public Comment Mary Jo Haskell
09/24/18 Public Comment Mary Margaret Jaques
09/25/18 Public Comment Fred Mauer
09/26/18 Public comment Jennifer Philbrick
09/26/18 Public comment Jeff Philbrick
09/26/18 Public Comment David Mueller
09/27/18 Public comment Russell, Marcy and Ryan McCann
09/28/18 Public comment Katie MacKinnon
09/28/18 Public comment Valerie T. Rochon
09/29/18 Public comment Jim Vrotacoe
09/29/18 Public comment Lillian Wilson
10/01/18 Public comment Wendy Griffin
10/03/18 Public comment Sue Philbrick
10/03/18 Public comment Katherine Latchaw
10/04/18 Public comment  Samara Robertson, Matthew Robertson, Maxine Pottier, Adeline Robertson and Eloise Robertson
10/04/18 Public comment William and Norma Wright
10/04/18 Public comment Jere Lundholm
10/05/18 Public Comment Anne and Joe Graciano
10/06/18 Public Comment Richard and Kathleen Gsottschneider
10/07/18 Public Comment Peter Welch
10/08/18 Public Comment Jack O’Reilly
10/09/18 Public Comment John E. Carroll
10/10/18 Public Comment Christopher and Cynthia Cross
10/10/18Public Comment Teresa Callahan
10/10/18Public Comment Katie Hood
10/11/18Public Comment Meghann Wayss
10/11/18Public Comment Valerie and Stephen Jacques
10/11/18Public Comment Jonathan Sands
10/11/18Public Comment Sheryl Bagley
10/11/18Public Comment Susan Richman
10/11/18Public Comment Katie Moody and Kenny Ernstoff
10/11/18Public Comment Doug and Angie Ross
10/11/18Public Comment Bill and Norma Wright
10/11/18Public Comment Bryan Cassidy
10/11/18Public Comment Martha St. Amand
10/11/18Public Comment Richard Stern
10/11/18Public Comment Marie LeMieux
10/11/18 Public Comment Sally Ryder
10/12/18Public Comment Cathy Baker
10/12/18Public Comment Jennifer Kent Weiner
10/12/18Public Comment Coleen Penacho
10/12/18Public Comment Richard Kane
10/12/18Public Comment Zelda Moore
10/12/18Public Comment Rick Como
10/13/18Public Comment Chuck Sampson
10/13/18Public Comment Mark F. Racic
10/16/18Public Comment Jan Stabile
10/17/18Public Comment Firoze Katrak

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