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Northern Pass Transmission - Eversource

SEC Docket No. 2015-06


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Table of Contents

Vol I Executive Summary Application Narrative

Vol II Pre-Filed Testimony

Vol III Transcripts of Public Information  Sessions

Vol IV App 1 Project Maps

Vol V App 2 NHDES Wetland Permit Application

Vol VI App 3 and 4 USAC Section 404 Clean Water Act Section 10 Rivers and Harbor Act Application

Vol VII App 5 NHDES Shoreland Permit Application

Vol VIII App 6 NHDES Alteration of Terrain Permit

Vol IX App 7 and 8 DOE Presidential Permit Application_USFS Special Use Permit

Vol X App 9 NHDOT Aerial Road_Railroad Crossings and Underground Installations

Vol XI App 10 Locally-Maintained Road Crossings

Vol XII App 11 NHPUC NPT LLC Commence Business as a Public Utility

Vol XIII App 12_13_14 and 15 NHPUC NPT_PSNH Cross Public Waters and Public Land

Vol XIV App 16 Transmission Service Agreement

Vol XV App 17 NPT Line Visual Impact Assessment

Vol XVI App 18 NPT - Assessment of Historic Properties, October 2015

Vol XVII – XXVIII CONFIDENTIAL App 19 and 30 Archeological Survey

Vol XXIX App 31_32_33 Wetlands-Natural Resource-Fisheries and Aquatic Invertebrates

Vol XXX App 34_35 Vegetation-Rate, Threatened and Endangered Plants

Vol XXXI App 36 Wildlife Report and Impact Assessment

Vol XXXII App 37_38_39 Current-Electrical Environment-Sound reports

Vol XXXIII App 40_41_42 Stability_Reliability Land Use-Project Outreach

Vol XXXIV App 43_44_45 Cost Benefit-Property Tax-Tourism Industry

Vol XXXV App 46 High Voltage and Real Estate Markets

Vol XXXVI App 47 Wetlands Maps

Vol XXXVII App 48-51 Regulatory-NHDHR Project Review-Fire Marshall Memo-Written notice to Governing Bodies


Barry Needleman


Application Updates re: New Rules

Thomas B. Getz

Joint Applicants' Submission to Address Errata in the Application

Property Photosimulations

Wetland Impact Plans

Shoreland Applications

George Dana Bisbee

Cover Letter for Re-submitting Tax Cards and Tax Maps

Benjamin 0. Hanna
07/22/16 Thomas B. Getz

Letter Submitting Revised Photo Simulation

Thomas Getz

Updated Pre-Filed Testimony of Julia Frayer

Thomas Getz
03/22/17 Updated Pre-Filed Testimony of Julia Frayer and LEI Updated Report Thomas Getz
03/24/17 Thomas Getz

Supplemental Pre-Filed Testimony of Applicants – Cover Letter


Applicant updated Exhibit List, Permit Plan Applications and Project Maps

Thomas B. Getz

Letter Enclosing Presidential Permit

Thomas Getz

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